“Move Me” by Sara Watkins

I love it when I find a gem that hasn’t been released yet, like this one.

I’m so feeling this whole song right now, from the sweet and raspy vocals to the tired and honest message in the lyrics. I also really love the guitars and the beat and the major verse to the minors in the chorus… It’s exactly describing my feelings about life these days.

Someone randomly said to me today, “Sometimes, you have to be the one to make the first move.”

Maybe to be moved, you have to first move yourself.

I encounter this conundrum with creativity all the time. In every area.

The first step to freedom is always movement: saying what you want out loud.

Move the lips.

“I want a better schedule.”

“I want to sing  songs.”

“I want to go on a trip.”

Spoken aloud, it exists. It has a chance to survive and become something real.

OR, you hear how ridiculous it sounds, and you can put it away for good.

Either way. Honesty is the best policy. (HA! Didn’t we learn that in…. school? See the first lyrics…)



Every step’s been shown to you

Like all those years you were in school

What they said is what you say

What they saw is what you see

You like a clear drawn line

Partitioned and defined

So you can rest in knowing everything’s as it should be

But I want you to move me….

Oh, we’ve got our back and forth

And always stay the course

Talking quickly doesn’t leave much time for questioning

So much is repetition

We mimic all decisions

And walk the same line just because we know we’re in the lead

But I want you to move me…

I always give you all I’ve got

But I fear you’ll disapprove

Underlined and opened eyes

The heart will follow through

Take you up and bring you back

But you will not be moved

I want you to move me…


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