“Tryin’ Hard to Love You” by Freddy & Francine

This one is so exclusive, there’s no YouTube video yet.

I follow a duo on Facebook by the name of Anchor and Bell ,who I will feature here later on…


Emily Herndon and Noah Needleman of Anchor and Bell


Speaking of which, who wouldn’t follow a group called Anchor and Bell? Could there be a prettier name for a band?

Anyway, they posted this song on their page yesterday with the tag, “Thank the good Lord there’s new music out there.”   They were talking about Freddy & Francine, an Americana duo with what I’d say is a rather refreshing sound.

Amen, Anchor and Bell! Amen.

You’ll have to click the link and listen to the Soundcloud, but you’ll be glad you did.


Freddy & Francine

Hear Freddy & Francine’s Romantic Duet “Tryin’ Hard To Love You”

Here’s another one by Freddy & Francine.

Stay tuned for some Anchor and Bell. 🙂


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