“Back Before We Were Brittle” by Say Hi

Do yourself a favor.

Go watch an episode of USA’s Playing House. You will laugh your ass off at all the silliness and coo over all the sweetness.

And then you will have an insight into my friendships with Andrea and Katie.


Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair – Playing House


Andrea was my first friend after I moved to a new town and a new school when I was 10.

We loved singing and dancing and acting in cheesy junior high school plays. We created what are probably heinous lyrics to some well-loved songs. We made countless music videos and parodied the works of literary greats. We paraded the streets in costume just to make each other laugh. We parked our cars at Steak n’ Shake and Denny’s and put on shows for the patrons from the parking lot; we even got a tip once!



dancing in the show “Guys and Dolls” circa 1999



original_url: D9DE9C6D-548C-4994-89CF-D4C480BF452F

Andrea pretending to play the mandolin

We have known and loved each other through grade school, high school, college, marriage, break-ups, deaths, lives, pageants, shows, jobs. We spent a summer slicing pizzas together in a baseball stadium and spent a sleepover wrapped up in blankets lying underneath stars on a dewy field. She is so deeply woven into the fabric of my being that I’m not sure we could be separated without coming completely unraveled and frayed. She is the twin sister I might have had, if twins could be born twins 9 days apart from different mamas.



I met Katie on my first day of college. Her first impression of me was that my legs were too pale for the shorts I was wearing. She was gracious enough to share that with me only after we were engaged to be roomates sophomore year (yes- she proposed to me on one knee!)


at a concert in 2001; Katie is the cute blonde showing off her guns. OK, we all are. Can not remember which hunky musician signed our arms….

Katie is someone I have come to love and trust deeply over the years. We have shared so many laughs, on stage and off, and most of my Carthage College memories feature her beautiful smile. I am so grateful to still have her friendship after all these years. She is loyal, wise and so much fun to be around.


at my baby shower with her sweet little girl, Lauren

These beautiful sisters are always in my heart and have been on my mind since I’ve been able to spend some time with them in the past few weeks. They are the people I think of when I need to run and tell a girlfiend something, when I need to cry about whatever, when I need to laugh until my muscles ache. They are always there for me, and without them, I would be a poor woman. Their friendship fills me right up.

This song is the theme song for the aforementioned show, Playing House.

I dedicate this one to my sisters from another mister, Andrea and Katie.


Love like this can only be expressed by Bitmojification.

It's almost time ….. @anchorednest

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