“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Greg Laswell (yup)

This one’s for you, Melissa!

An Ode to New Yoga Pants

Tonight, it’s all about the difference between wanting what you have and having what you want. Why are those even two different things? Of course I should want these old ratty yoga pants! They’re mine! They’re comfortable! And before the crisp black color went stale in the millionth wash cycle, I wanted them very much. But things change, I guess, and we start to want new pants. We start to feel stuck in the pants we used to love. (Ummm… not literally. My pants still fit, folks. MMMkay?)

I know. This is how you learn patience. And endurance. And gratitude. All crucial things to practice. We have to BE them.

But at some point, in the middle of yet another heartbreak, another day that grinds you to specks, another week without that shiny new pair of pants, don’t you just want to throw your hands up and say “enough already?”  Why is wanting what you want such a burden sometimes? What’s so wrong with being happy all the dang time?

I’m reminded of the last movie I saw before my sweet boy was born, Inside Out. One of my favorite things about this particular movie is that the character Sadness, who for most of the film acts as an extremely annoying burden to those around her, actually ends up being the one who leads her human back to Joy. Isn’t that how it works? Joy and Pain: two sides of the same coin. We never truly reach one without the other.

Okay. Yoga pants are a poor example. But there seems to always be something, someone, some circumstance we want that is just beyond our reach or just outside our idea of the perfect time (which, let’s be honest, is usually NOW). I’m learning it’s more important to ask the sadness or the pain of this unfulfilled desire, “What are you here to teach me?” I think I learned that from Oprah…

I had been pondering all of these things when I ran into a friend in transit at school. I don’t remember why, but I said to her jokingly, “Why can’t we just be happy and have what we want all the time? What’s so wrong with that?” She laughed and said she had just been discussing that very thing with someone else. She said maybe I should blog about it. I said I’d have to think of a song first (because… that’s the whole point of this anyway.)

This song was her suggestion. I just found a different version for her. We all want the magical thing dancing around in our brains, the new, the exciting. We get tired and uninspired in the same old places and in the same old pants. But we also find comfort and warmth where the sun has already been shining, so that when it gets dark again, we know how to be okay in that place. We remember to be patient.We remember why we loved these pants in the first place.

So, as with a pair of yoga pants, may she (and we all) find Joy through the Pain in the change from old to new.





  1. I remember hearing from your Sunday School teacher when you were all of three years old that you were singing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” in Sunday School. OF course you were! And of course we do! And shopping for new yoga pants just might be fun…so pay us a visit and we’ll do it! AFTER my back gets better. Because after throwing it out, not once, but twice in four days and getting two rounds of cortisone shots (four apiece) and being told DON”T DO ANYTHING, I have realized the old gray mare just aint what she used to be.(Took me ling enough, right???) So even though I want to be out and about and have a zillion things I could be doing right now (not to mention just wanting to soak up some of the sunshine and warm weather that has finally come our way) I am stuck. And it must be that God is letting me feel this pain so that when it passes (and I do hope it passes SOON) I will appreciate the JOY just that much more! So as I sit here watching little slivers of sunshine filter through the blinds and hear the bird choirs singing just outside the front door, I will try to relax and find a bit of peace right where I am. And listen once more to this wonderful new version of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” which reminds me just a tiny bit of Bob Schneider’s version of “Tomorrow.”


    • I thought that too, ma! About Bob Schneider. 🙂 You’re my hero. I will be praying and believing and singing for your back. I love you!


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